Yeshiva Grads

In New York State, tens of thousands of children are being denied a secular education in Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox yeshivas.

This is in flagrant violation of New York State’s “substantial equivalency” law, which requires all private schools to offer a curriculum that is at least substantially equivalent to that of public schools.

For decades, government officials did not enforce the law, but now New York State is ready to act.

On July 3rd, the State Education Department proposed regulations to make sure every private school, including yeshivas, is providing instruction in English, math, science, and social studies. The state is now soliciting public comment on these regulations before presenting them to the Board of Regents for approval.

WE URGE YOU TO MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD: Let the State Education Department know that you support efforts to ensure all children, regardless of where they go to school, receive the education to which they are entitled under law.