Why don't Hasidic parents demand the schools improve or send their children to public school to avoid the problem?


Within the Hasidic community, many parents and former Yeshiva students are extremely frustrated by the state of Hasidic education, but they often refuse to speak up and demand change for fear of reprisal. The ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic community have a long history of threatening livelihood, intimidation and expelling children from Yeshiva when parents speak against the status quo. Through Yaffed's efforts, some parents and former students have become emboldened to demand change, but they still rely on organizations like Yaffed and the government to stand up for the children's rights since they do not feel empowered to do so on their own.

While public schools might seem like a viable alternative, the thought of sending a child to public school is unconscionable to most Hasidic parents. In any case, New York State law requires even non-public school children to receive a substantial education and it guarantees that the Department of Education will enforce education standards. That being the case, Hasidim should not be forced to send their children to public school in order for their children to receive an education required by law and which the DOE is obligated to oversee in non-public schools.

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