Why doesn't the Jewish community address this problem?


The Jewish community is made up of many different factions. There is the Hasidic community, the Modern Orthodox community, and the broader Jewish community and its leadership.

While the broader Jewish community and Modern Orthodox community value education, many of them are not aware of the extent of the problem in Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox communities. This is because the Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox communities are extremely insular.

The leadership in the broader Jewish community has been made duly aware of this problem, and behind the scenes, many Jewish activists have lent their support to Yaffed. However, for this problem to be addressed we need their full and vocal cooperation. The reason many of the leaders give for neglecting to fully take on this issue is their concern about upsetting the Hasidic leadership. But when it comes to the basic human rights of our children, and the skyrocketing poverty rates that result from the lack of education, the Jewish leadership needs to take a stronger position.  

Within the Hasidic community, the leaders are often just as afraid of upsetting those who prefer the status quo as their constituents are. Yaffed has spoken to a number of reputable ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic Rabbis and leaders who have acknowledged the problem of a lack of education and even encouraged Yaffed in its work. However, these very Rabbis request that Yaffed not release their names publicly as they feared their views would be unpopular or controversial and would compromise their standing in the community.

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