What's the worst case scenario?


Worst case scenario: 

The Hasidic population continues to grow exponentially. By 2030, Hasidic children are projected to constitute 30% of the children in Brooklyn. With their minimal education, they will not be able to achieve financial security and a majority of them will be living in poverty. (Already, according to the UJA Community Study of 2011, nearly 60% of Hasidic families in New York are poor or near poor.) As trends in other populations suffering from low levels of education indicate, many Hasidim may resort to crime to accommodate their financial needs. 

If the aforementioned were to occur, local anti-Semitism would likely reach a boiling point, affecting all Jews in the area. This is already beginning to occur in East Ramapo and it would be catastrophic if this trend were to spread throughout New York State.

The worst case scenario is dire indeed, and it can all be curtailed if basic education standards are enforced in Hasidic schools.

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