How long will it take to achieve these goals?


While we do not expect to achieve our goals overnight, we do expect to see positive change even in the short run. There is a tremendous resistance to change within the ultra-Orthodox and Hasidic communities. It is for this reason that it may take several years until all Hasidic and ultra-Orthodox Yeshivas are fully compliant with state standards. However, we anticipate these difficulties and will work incrementally meeting smaller, short term goals at first, and achieving a complete success over a longer period of time.

Already, several Yeshivas have begun making small changes and introducing more to their secular studies curricula. Additionally, two different ultra-Orthodox communities have formed committees to take on the task of improving curricula in specific schools. Several ultra-Orthodox Rabbis have come out openly in support of secular education as a result of Yaffed's work. We see these signs as promising and we will be here for as long as it takes until every single Yeshiva is providing its students with a proper secular education. 

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